The Worst Job Ever…

Sometimes people will ask where I’ve been or why I don’t post on here much or take pics… most people have no idea that I was working one of the worst jobs I could ever imagine. One day I was telling a friend about my job and I said something before I even processed the gravity of my words; I said I had never been so unhappy in my Life, including when my Mom died. 


I said it and it blew my mind that my job was pushing me that close to the edge. 


This was the job that I would work so late that security would turn the lights off on my side of the building because nobody else had been anywhere near where I was for hours…


Another down side to this job is the fact that all I did was sit and eat garbage all day lol… I know for a fact I’ve never been more unhealthy physically or mentally than I was while working there. 


What’s that you say? America is playing in a huge World Cup game? Cool beans, get to work lol


The absolute worst thing about this job was the fact that all of your individuality was stripped away, and it seemed like a power play by management constantly. “Listen, we’re gonna have some people in from the New York office that couldn’t give a fuck less about you or your department, nor will they even venture to your side of the building, but I need you to take down anything from your desk that gives it character or makes it unique to you. Thanks.” It was some real Office Space type shit. 


And all this while making your boy dress to the 9s smh

I believe in looking at the bright side of everything though…

I feel like the struggle of that job made me a much stronger person mentally. Seeing teammates get fired for making mistakes in a single email signature (true story), witnessing the building staff slowly get laid off before culminating in a cut of almost 60% of the remaining staff  (can’t make this stuff up), and being assigned massive special projects with impossible deadlines (and still beating the deadline by an entire business day) really makes you realize you can catch anything that’s thrown your way. 

Thanks (sincerely) GCG, without you I wouldn’t have this intense knowledge of Excel, wouldn’t be able to throw together a flawless email, and wouldn’t have the professional confidence I have. Thanks for the friends I made, thanks for the Life lessons learned. 


A job that stressful deserved a chilled glass of Patron for lunch on the last day… 

It’s really hard to take pics or put together posts when your job literally takes everything out of you. Straight wiped me out. I thank God I’m out though. 


Lots Of Posts On The Way… (Opus 10 x Breakaway Fest Columbus)

So I promised I’d be posting more, and I kind of failed, but I have a lot of stuff coming up. Opus 10 was a blast, Where’s The Party with Axwell was way too much fun, and Breakaway Fest Columbus was epic. Enjoy a few pics and be sure to check out the posts when they go up!


Barcelona, Spain


Stockholm, Sweden


Where’s the Party? by Carlsberg presents: Axwell


Helsinki, Finland


Juicy J




Kendrick Lamar


Empire of the Sun

Hope you guys enjoy!


The Innovation of Loneliness

This is an extremely interesting (and short) video on how we interact with each other and how social media plays a part into it as well. I think a lot of my generation suffers from the need to be a part of something and just wanting to be heard by anybody and everybody lol…



Been A Long Time…

Hey everybody, sorry it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything, but I’ve been supremely busy… sad part is I still have a few posts from SxSW that never made it up :(

I have another trip coming up soon, so I’m gonna try to make some posts a little more real time, which can be hard when you have to stay on the move, but yea. WP has integrated Instagram as well, so I’ll at least have that.


#Opus10 is on the way!


SxSW 2013: Mass Appeal x Ice Cream Present Kendrick Lamar

I remember my first trip to SxSW in 2011. Kendrick Lamar was the artist that was buzzing on everybody’s “next up” list… I even shot a video of a quick interview with him for the now defunct milkNsyrup (RIP) blog. He performed at Illroots’ Sunday Swagger showcase to a crowd of a couple hundred people.

Fast forward two years, a critical acclaimed album, and a slew of high profile features, and you have Kendrick Lamar, rap royalty. If you’re in anyway familiar with Kendrick and his music then you can already imagine how dope his live show is. The great thing about a major show like this at a festival like SxSW is there are lots of surprises and special guests that stop through…


K Dot performed tracks from GKMC, Section.80, KL EP, and OD. I was impressed with the tracks he chose to perform and even the way it was done. A lot of artists perform songs, some give a show; this was definitely a show.




Schoolboy Q


T.I. came out and rocked a couple tracks too… definitely didn’t see that coming!


If you’re able to catch Kendrick Lamar live, DO IT! If you’re busy that night clear your schedule!

He’ll be performing tomorrow at 11 Fest, and he’s on a tour right now. Dates here.

11 Fest

Yes… after the longest winter ever, we have finally made it to festival season. The first one I’ll be checking out this year is one of my favorites, The Numbers Fest‘s 11 FEST! I’ve been a loyal Fest’er since 8 Fest and I’ve never been disappointed. Following a strong history of amazing acts (MGK, King Chip, Curresy, Krewella, etc) comes Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki as co-headliners!


They just announced yesterday that DJ EV will be hosting AND they made an iPhone app (available here)… what more do you need!? Tickets are $30 for general admission and $50 for VIP (that VIP package honestly is worth the extra $20 lol).

I hope to see everybody at the illest college festival in the country!


SxSW 2013: LFTF Presents Cashmere Cat

Take a good-sized salon, move everything out of the way, throw a huge party with DJs from all over the world… sounds insane right? Live For The Funk didn’t think so, and after I caught Cashmere Cat’s set I realized how ill the idea was.


Cashmere Cat, a Norwegian DJ and producer, had that room on 10. He brought his special brand of melodic remixes and blended it with music from a spectrum of different genres. This was one of the sets I was looking forward to most when I was planning my schedule for SxSW. I heard it was one of CC’s first times in America, so I knew it would be a rare occurrence to see him live in the States.

Much Love and many thanks to the Live For The Funk crew, I’m definitely a fan!

And if you’re not familiar with Cashmere Cat, give this track a listen… one of my faves!


DJ Corey Grand: Medium Frequency

DJ Corey Grand has been putting in some serious work so far this year; spinning at SxSW, becoming one of the newest faces at Cleveland’s Z1079, and putting out this super chill mix, Medium Frequency. MF features tracks from a lot of dope artists like Flying Lotus, The xx, Rustie, Disclosure, and even a remix by Dorian Concept. Every now and then I get my hands on a mix that I vibe out to and lose myself in, this is one of those! Give it a listen and hit that download button…

Grand also rocked a dope set at Get Right this past weekend, you missed a crazy time if you weren’t there! Check out the video recap of the night…

Word to Travis for the Get Right video and Jay G Wallace for the ill artwork for the Medium Frequency project!