I swear on Life I’m horrible at anything related to blogging. Life is crazy. My work hours are crazier. I had originally planned on posting stuff in some sort of chronological order, but I’m just going to throw that out the window and post as I please (who cares, it’s my blog anyway… and if you know me you know I don’t do anything that makes sense anyway).


The 2014 Columbus Marathon/Half Marathon

So three months of training led to this… race day! I remember talking to a friend of mine about the excitement of the build up and how it sincerely reminded me of my first trip (back when I spent months planning trips instead of weeks lol).

I was only able to get about four or five hours of sleep the night before and woke up early to eat breakfast, get my outfit together, and pick up a knee brace before heading downtown to line up.


Thanks to GoodFly and Made btw! (I’m pretty sure I was the only dude wearing BBC to run 13 miles lmao)


Of course I had that Aleve on deck




This is just the group from my corral (D Block!). I was really surprised by the number of racers. If you can’t tell, it was super chilly that morning.


Go time!!!

In an effort to save my battery (which failed me in the end lol) I didn’t take a lot of pictures during the race, but here’s a recap of it all:

The race started well, but it was frustrating starting with so many people because some were competitive walkers (no typo), so trying to start out and get a good pace sucked. Once we were about a quarter mile out things started to open up. I created a long playlist for the run because I like to run to certain songs at times, and other times I like to just listen to an Essential Mix and zone out for like an hour and just run. I started off with a song I really like, “Are You What You Want To Be” by Foster the People, then ran for the next 30-40 minutes to Deadmau5’s set from UMF.

I was blessed to have some people come out and show support while I was running, which really meant a lot because it took some effort to navigate downtown Columbus on race day and be patient enough to wait for my wave to come through : )

My knee was cool for the first five miles, then the pain came, then another Aleve, then some walking lol

I made it through about 10 miles and after that it was a wrap and I had to stop running or I wouldn’t have been able to finish at all. My goal for the race was 2:30, and I was well ahead of it while running, but walking the last few miles set me back and I finished about 20 minutes slower than I wanted to.


This will forever be my favorite memory from the race. Taking the last turn of the race and seeing Lo there waiting for me at mile marker 13.


The Promised Land!!!!!


The post race celebration was held in a hot bath with the epson salt lol #OldManRogers


Thanks to everyone for the prayers, well wishes, support, encouragement, etc. My medal and race bib are definitely added to the box of prized possessions now. God is great.


The Long, Crazy Road to the 2014 Columbus Half Marathon

So, back in the middle of the summer when I was working at the stressful job, I started waking up before work and running a mile or two to kind of get my mind relaxed and ready for the day at work. I decided it would be a good long term goal to run something longer and that would require training, then I thought of the Columbus Half Marathon. I looked up the date and a training plan and started running with actual direction.




After about a week of training I decided to start eating right (instead of Chipotle twice a week) and I could see the results pretty quickly in the lifting and the actual runs. Why is this fruit so important? Well, this was the work out the day after I drove to Tennessee for my birthday and wasn’t sleeping well at all. So, I’m cutting this fruit up for a smoothie and as I’m cutting the pear I feel the knife start to cut into my thumb, but it was the strangest feeling. It’s like it cut into my thumb in slow motion :(


Obviously I was late to work the next day… (I didn’t actually cut it off though!)


After like 6-8 weeks of running and lifting I was definitely in the best shape of my Life


If you ever decide to run a half marathon, or anything else unnecessary like 13.1 miles, please know your diet will lead to success or failure. And I’m no health nut (I eat horribly any other time) but yea, eat well when you train lol.



After almost two months of training I had to switch my route because I got bored on the old one. I would run my Sunday distance runs around the New Albany Country Club (8 miles in 80 degree heat with two layers on at 235 pounds ain’t no joke!!).


I decided to run downtown for my midweek night runs.


…then I decided to do my last couple long distance runs downtown because the scenery was better than the country club. Looking at golf courses is boring for 8-9 miles.


After almost three months of training it was time for my last run. In my next to last run my knee started to bother me, then in the last run before my race my knee felt worse than it’s even felt (whomp, whomp).


Downtown is beautiful at night though!!


29th Birthday in the Great Smoky Mountains

So, when I was in the fourth grade I went to school with this girl named Lindsey and her Mom had a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee… ever since I’ve always wanted a Jeep. So I got more into Jeeps I always wanted to buy one and actually take an SUV to do SUV things lol

Enter my White Jeep Grand Cherokee (AKA the Ghost lol)! So, for my 29th birthday I decided it would be fun to go on a camping trip and do some real off roading that I can’t here in the Columbus area.

Enter Windrock Park! I was looking for places around Tennessee to off road and came across this crazy place…





So this was fun, but I definitely recommend going with a second person so they can spot for you. You have to get in and out a million times to spot yourself, plus I bottomed out like three times -________-


Next I went to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for the rest of the day…






I expected it to be beautiful, but it was truly amazing here. I’ll definitely take my daughter soon.





The finished product before heading back to Ohio.

On a serious note though, I gained a whole new respect for my truck and what it can do… having said that, if you’re ever stuck on the side of a mountain give me a call and I’ll come pick you up lol


Farewell Jeter

So a lot of people wonder why I’m such a Yankee fan when I’m born and raised in Ohio… well it all goes back to the first time I actually watched a whole baseball game. It was an autumn night in Ohio, I was up way past my bedtime, and the Yankees were playing the Braves in the 1996 World Series. I don’t know if it was because I had no other shows to watch, but I actually watched and enjoyed the game and decided to cheer for the Yanks and their captain, Derek Jeter.




I was fortunate enough to be able to call off work (coolest manager ever lol) and drive up to Cleveland to catch the Yankees beat the Indians. It was actually my first time catching a MLB game in person, so it was all around a memorable time.


The Worst Job Ever…

Sometimes people will ask where I’ve been or why I don’t post on here much or take pics… most people have no idea that I was working one of the worst jobs I could ever imagine. One day I was telling a friend about my job and I said something before I even processed the gravity of my words; I said I had never been so unhappy in my Life, including when my Mom died. 


I said it and it blew my mind that my job was pushing me that close to the edge. 


This was the job that I would work so late that security would turn the lights off on my side of the building because nobody else had been anywhere near where I was for hours…


Another down side to this job is the fact that all I did was sit and eat garbage all day lol… I know for a fact I’ve never been more unhealthy physically or mentally than I was while working there. 


What’s that you say? America is playing in a huge World Cup game? Cool beans, get to work lol


The absolute worst thing about this job was the fact that all of your individuality was stripped away, and it seemed like a power play by management constantly. “Listen, we’re gonna have some people in from the New York office that couldn’t give a fuck less about you or your department, nor will they even venture to your side of the building, but I need you to take down anything from your desk that gives it character or makes it unique to you. Thanks.” It was some real Office Space type shit. 


And all this while making your boy dress to the 9s smh

I believe in looking at the bright side of everything though…

I feel like the struggle of that job made me a much stronger person mentally. Seeing teammates get fired for making mistakes in a single email signature (true story), witnessing the building staff slowly get laid off before culminating in a cut of almost 60% of the remaining staff  (can’t make this stuff up), and being assigned massive special projects with impossible deadlines (and still beating the deadline by an entire business day) really makes you realize you can catch anything that’s thrown your way. 

Thanks (sincerely) GCG, without you I wouldn’t have this intense knowledge of Excel, wouldn’t be able to throw together a flawless email, and wouldn’t have the professional confidence I have. Thanks for the friends I made, thanks for the Life lessons learned. 


A job that stressful deserved a chilled glass of Patron for lunch on the last day… 

It’s really hard to take pics or put together posts when your job literally takes everything out of you. Straight wiped me out. I thank God I’m out though. 


Lots Of Posts On The Way… (Opus 10 x Breakaway Fest Columbus)

So I promised I’d be posting more, and I kind of failed, but I have a lot of stuff coming up. Opus 10 was a blast, Where’s The Party with Axwell was way too much fun, and Breakaway Fest Columbus was epic. Enjoy a few pics and be sure to check out the posts when they go up!


Barcelona, Spain


Stockholm, Sweden


Where’s the Party? by Carlsberg presents: Axwell


Helsinki, Finland


Juicy J




Kendrick Lamar


Empire of the Sun

Hope you guys enjoy!