12 Fest

Fest is a holiday in my book… I’ve literally pushed back an international vacation to go to Fest, even went to weekend 2 of Coachella to make it to 12 Fest (word to Googlies lol)

Unfortunately, tow trucks can’t make it to Fest, but where there’s a will there’s a way…

Word to OG Dom. Dude is a straight visionary when it comes to some many things. One of the leaders of the way forward in Ohio. ImageImageImageMy muddy ass Jeep turned into an art project lol 
ImageChoppin it up with Ngo, Vada, Cholo, and Stalley before he hit the stage


ImageImageImageImage12 Fest was crazy. Stalley had my favorite set, but Wiz killed it with some classics too. Definitely looking forward to 13 Fest.

I actually had this post done last April, but it didn’t post for whatever reason… in any event, I’m giving away a pair of tickets to 13 Fest in a couple weeks.


Columbus Blue Jackets 2014-15 Home Opener

I was blessed enough to have a good friend that had extra tickets to the CBJ home opener and an open day with Lo, so we went ahead and grabbed the tickets (thanks again, Vic!) and headed down to Nationwide Arena.


This was my second Jackets game (last one was like five years ago though lol) and I had a great time. It’s a good atmosphere for the family, but damn that beer is expensive :-/



We saw Stinger on the other side of the stadium and spent the next 45 minutes walking all over the place on some Where’s Waldo mission to find him… Lo was SUPER excited when we finally caught him though lol

The wild things you do as a parent to make your kid happy >_<


Coachella 2014 (iPhone)

So last year I was blessed enough to go to Coachella (on Life, add that to the bucket list if you’re into live music and beautiful, warm places!) and it was as good as advertised. This was the best lineup in a while and it’s much better than this year’s (no shade). I have pics from my 7D for another post, but this is my Coachella weekend from my iPhone…


So the whole trip started so woozy… so at the time (not sure if they’re finally done or not) there was construction on one of the areas and it was crazy getting through security. In all my travels I’ve literally never seen a TSA checkpoint ran so horribly. So after taking way longer than it should have taken and missing the flight to ATL they swapped the flight out to one to Las Vegas.

Word to SouthWest for the seamless transition btw




This picture is the extent of my visit to Las Vegas lol


It rained at Coachella for like the second time ever… which was great because week one was a dust bowl from what I heard



Shades and something to cover your face is a must out there


Idk what was in the amnesty box, but I know the festival had a little bit of everything in there lol






The Cudi show was crazy stacked… the pic above is facing the stage (looks like a horrible place to be), the pic below is the crowd behind me. I can’t even imagine being on stage in front of all these people O_o




Sleigh Bells show was killer



Pharrell’s show was probably the best live show I’ve ever seen.


Nas did Illmatic top to bottom. Ill as fuck.



These nachos were kinda good doe


Everybody wants Guwop free…


Front row for Calvin Harris!!


This coney dog honestly wasn’t all that good doe


Bacon on the plane. If this ain’t the Life nothing is!



I have more pics from my 7D, and I’ll post those later, but this was a quick post of the weekend.



I swear on Life I’m horrible at anything related to blogging. Life is crazy. My work hours are crazier. I had originally planned on posting stuff in some sort of chronological order, but I’m just going to throw that out the window and post as I please (who cares, it’s my blog anyway… and if you know me you know I don’t do anything that makes sense anyway).


The 2014 Columbus Marathon/Half Marathon

So three months of training led to this… race day! I remember talking to a friend of mine about the excitement of the build up and how it sincerely reminded me of my first trip (back when I spent months planning trips instead of weeks lol).

I was only able to get about four or five hours of sleep the night before and woke up early to eat breakfast, get my outfit together, and pick up a knee brace before heading downtown to line up.


Thanks to GoodFly and Made btw! (I’m pretty sure I was the only dude wearing BBC to run 13 miles lmao)


Of course I had that Aleve on deck




This is just the group from my corral (D Block!). I was really surprised by the number of racers. If you can’t tell, it was super chilly that morning.


Go time!!!

In an effort to save my battery (which failed me in the end lol) I didn’t take a lot of pictures during the race, but here’s a recap of it all:

The race started well, but it was frustrating starting with so many people because some were competitive walkers (no typo), so trying to start out and get a good pace sucked. Once we were about a quarter mile out things started to open up. I created a long playlist for the run because I like to run to certain songs at times, and other times I like to just listen to an Essential Mix and zone out for like an hour and just run. I started off with a song I really like, “Are You What You Want To Be” by Foster the People, then ran for the next 30-40 minutes to Deadmau5’s set from UMF.

I was blessed to have some people come out and show support while I was running, which really meant a lot because it took some effort to navigate downtown Columbus on race day and be patient enough to wait for my wave to come through : )

My knee was cool for the first five miles, then the pain came, then another Aleve, then some walking lol

I made it through about 10 miles and after that it was a wrap and I had to stop running or I wouldn’t have been able to finish at all. My goal for the race was 2:30, and I was well ahead of it while running, but walking the last few miles set me back and I finished about 20 minutes slower than I wanted to.


This will forever be my favorite memory from the race. Taking the last turn of the race and seeing Lo there waiting for me at mile marker 13.


The Promised Land!!!!!


The post race celebration was held in a hot bath with the epson salt lol #OldManRogers


Thanks to everyone for the prayers, well wishes, support, encouragement, etc. My medal and race bib are definitely added to the box of prized possessions now. God is great.


The Long, Crazy Road to the 2014 Columbus Half Marathon

So, back in the middle of the summer when I was working at the stressful job, I started waking up before work and running a mile or two to kind of get my mind relaxed and ready for the day at work. I decided it would be a good long term goal to run something longer and that would require training, then I thought of the Columbus Half Marathon. I looked up the date and a training plan and started running with actual direction.




After about a week of training I decided to start eating right (instead of Chipotle twice a week) and I could see the results pretty quickly in the lifting and the actual runs. Why is this fruit so important? Well, this was the work out the day after I drove to Tennessee for my birthday and wasn’t sleeping well at all. So, I’m cutting this fruit up for a smoothie and as I’m cutting the pear I feel the knife start to cut into my thumb, but it was the strangest feeling. It’s like it cut into my thumb in slow motion :(


Obviously I was late to work the next day… (I didn’t actually cut it off though!)


After like 6-8 weeks of running and lifting I was definitely in the best shape of my Life


If you ever decide to run a half marathon, or anything else unnecessary like 13.1 miles, please know your diet will lead to success or failure. And I’m no health nut (I eat horribly any other time) but yea, eat well when you train lol.



After almost two months of training I had to switch my route because I got bored on the old one. I would run my Sunday distance runs around the New Albany Country Club (8 miles in 80 degree heat with two layers on at 235 pounds ain’t no joke!!).


I decided to run downtown for my midweek night runs.


…then I decided to do my last couple long distance runs downtown because the scenery was better than the country club. Looking at golf courses is boring for 8-9 miles.


After almost three months of training it was time for my last run. In my next to last run my knee started to bother me, then in the last run before my race my knee felt worse than it’s even felt (whomp, whomp).


Downtown is beautiful at night though!!


29th Birthday in the Great Smoky Mountains

So, when I was in the fourth grade I went to school with this girl named Lindsey and her Mom had a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee… ever since I’ve always wanted a Jeep. So I got more into Jeeps I always wanted to buy one and actually take an SUV to do SUV things lol

Enter my White Jeep Grand Cherokee (AKA the Ghost lol)! So, for my 29th birthday I decided it would be fun to go on a camping trip and do some real off roading that I can’t here in the Columbus area.

Enter Windrock Park! I was looking for places around Tennessee to off road and came across this crazy place…





So this was fun, but I definitely recommend going with a second person so they can spot for you. You have to get in and out a million times to spot yourself, plus I bottomed out like three times -________-


Next I went to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for the rest of the day…






I expected it to be beautiful, but it was truly amazing here. I’ll definitely take my daughter soon.





The finished product before heading back to Ohio.

On a serious note though, I gained a whole new respect for my truck and what it can do… having said that, if you’re ever stuck on the side of a mountain give me a call and I’ll come pick you up lol